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Matt Perry
Conference Speaker, Workshop Host & Moderator

Created by a journalist, filmmaker, actor and storyteller, The World Explained operates on this GUIDING PRINCIPLE: that we can only understand world events and modern affairs at the human level - by breaking down the barriers between “us” and “them.”

Performed LIVE at your conference or seminar, these engaging characters will enlighten your audience or train your staff with a uniquely entertaining “real world” experience. Their intimate stories demolish the walls of separation and weave together comedy, drama and deep emotion into a tapestry that is compelling and memorable.

Educate your audience… broaden their knowledge… expand their world. Because EMPATHY IS THE FUTURE of society and business.

Providing welcome relief from ordinary lectures and dull PowerPoints, this uniquely INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE will be the hit of any meeting or conference.


Book a presentation or hire The World Explained to host an event or moderate a workshop and you’ll step boldly outside the humdrum meeting routine. Bring audiences face-to-face with contemporary topics in provocative fashion and you’ll move in for a vivid close-up that will jump start conversations and get audiences thinking in exciting new ways.


Studies prove that laughter helps audiences retain information better by tickling their funny bone. The characters presented in The World Explained are full of warmth, humor and humanity. Their compelling tales illuminate lives with what Dr. Norman Cousins called “the best medicine.” Laughter is good for the body, mind and spirit.


During a long day of presentations (yawn), there’s no better way to wake an audience than an intoxicating shock to the nervous system. The World Explained provides a potent and poetic whack to the brain that stimulates and inspires audiences as it offers deep insight into current affairs.

The World Explained currently offers “Aging in America"

“I have been to dozens of conferences and have worked to causechange in aging for decades, and Matt Perry’s ‘Aging in America’ presentation should very simply be required material to work in our field – he is funny, insightful, informative, thought-provoking and dead-on correct in the way we should be thinking about this meta-issue.” – Tim Carpenter, founder of EngAGE and winner of the 2011 James Irvine Foundation Leadership Award

“Talk about bringing words to life, Matt transforms his journalistic prowess into a provocative, thoroughly engaging and uniquely entertaining performance.” – Stuart Greenbaum, author of Longevity Rules and Humble Sky blog

Who is Matt?

An award-winning filmmaker and journalist, Matt Perry has spent a lifetime exploring the human experience. From traveling the world to mining the inner depths of the mind, his endless curiosity about life has earned him a reputation as thoughtful, adventurous, fearless and super cool. He’s lived in the suburbs of Michigan, the urban jungle of New York City, and the blistering heat of the Mojave Desert. He’s run ultra marathons, sat lengthy mediation retreats, and ridden a motorcycle throughout India.

During his travels, he found that policymakers had little idea how their decisions affected normal people. Instead, there was an intense separation between the two. Spreadsheets and policy briefs were easy. Understanding how real people lived proved much harder.

Matt created The World Explained to bridge this gap.

The Expert

Aging and Creativity: Senior Arts Colonies: Come Ready to Play. This piece changed my entire perception of Aging. When I started covering the Aging beat, it quickly became apparent that most people considered older adults an alien species rather than human beings with the same desires as everyone: for creativity, personal touch and deep connection.

Famed Violinist Joshua Bell: Classical Experiment. A chance encounter in Seattle introduced me to this amazing musician. I was drawn to Bell not just for his virtuosity, but his eclectic love of music ranging from folk to bluegrass to rock. A brilliant artist and modest human.

Obligatory Sex Reference: Birds Do It. Bees Do It. So Why Shouldn’t Grandparents? As a writer who loves to shatter expectations, writing about adults in their 70’s and 80’s who still wanna get down was a joy.

Say “No” to Boring.   Say “Yes” to The World Explained.

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